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LC-400A 3 sides sealing and center sealing bag machine

Good quality die cutting machine for label paper adhesive for sales
Good quality die cutting machine for label paper adhesive for sales
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LC-400A 3 sides sealing and center sealing bag machine

China LC-400A 3 sides sealing  and center sealing bag machine supplier

Large Image :  LC-400A 3 sides sealing and center sealing bag machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Pinyang wenzhou city
Brand Name: Allfine
Certification: CE
Model Number: LC-400A

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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Detailed Product Description

Allfine Group-20 years experience Solution

1:Label production line- flexo print machine,die cutting machine,slitting machine,inspection and rewinding machine
2:Flexible package line-water bottle label PVC,heat transfer Pet, Opp, Pe etc rotogravure printer, dry laminator, PP PE film blowing machine,bag making machine
3:Decal paper,wine and smoking package-Silk screen press machinery, wicket dryer, uv dryer
4:Paper cup production line- flexo printer. die cutting machine, paper cup making machine

1: Save material 2: Improve efficiency 3:Professional tranning 4: Factory built

Partner Manager-Jack Huang
Allfine Group


rotogravure printing production line.pdf

Technical Variables


1) Bag making function: Three side sealing bag, Center sealing bag

2) Main electric scheme: double servo motor for traction, with PLC used panasonic from Japn.,

Touch Screen from Taiwan; main driving is alternating current with yaskawa from JAPAN Transducer,

automatic constant tension for unwinding.

3) Suitable material: this machine is suitable for producing multi-layer three side sealing laminated film, plating ALU laminated film, paper-plastic laminated film, pure-ALU laminated film which takes BOPP, PET,CPP,ALU, and Nylon etc plastic laminated film as base material.

4) The speed of machine: 150 hypo-minute

5) The speed of feeding: ≤35 m/min (decided according the material)

6) The length of bag making: 50-480mm, excess this data adopts skip material feeding (Max. skip material feeding is 6) Max width :75-380mm ( after fold size of raw material)

7) The dimension of roll material: ф650*800mm , (diameter* web-width)

8) Accuracy of orientation: ≤± 0.5mm

9) Thermal-sealing knife’s quantity of heat:

1. Vertical-sealing adopts 4 groups for heating fluctuation, cooling fluctuation from up and down..

2. centra-sealing adopts 2 groups for level

3. bottom sealing adopt 3 groups heating fluctuation, 1 group for cooling fluctuation.

The quantity of temperature heating: 18 groups + 2groups free for exchange

11) The bound of temperature: 0-300 ℃

12) Total power :30 kw

13) Overall Dimension: (L*W*H) 8000X2050X12100

    Weight of machine: About 3850 kg

15) Color: white of cover, white blue of fuselage+ red door

16) The type of control system: SSF-Ⅱ High speed laminating film bag making machine control system


3, Configure of Equipments, and Interrelated Variable

Unwinding device

1) configuration: horizontal level-position (be made of magnetic powder arrester, Pneumatic Components,

Pendulum Roll, transducer, motor, traction roller, sensor and controlled system )

2) unwinding shaft: plug type and pneumatic locking device

unwinding tension

1) Control theory: The complex constant speed tension system which is made of computer control,

magnetic powder brakes, inverter and AC motor, sensor

2) Adjustable driving: adjust through PID, drive through PWM

3) Detection method: Automatic tension monitor

Error correct device (EPC)

1) Structure: screw adjustable by K type rack uprightness movements.

2) Driving: Solid states relay driving, low speed in-phase motor.

3) Transmission: Coupling connection

4) Type of control: centralizing controlled by double photoelectricity sensor computer

5) Detection method: Coaxial reflective photoelectric sensor

6) Tracking precision: ≤ 0.5mm

7) Round for adjust: 120mm

8) Round of photocell searching: ± 5-50mm adjustable, interval of limit switch, alarm automatically when the

photocell exceed the bound,clewing of wrong error-correct .


1) Structure: the center of adhesive roller two-direction rotary restructuring

2) forms: manual adjustment (adjusted handswheel)

Up and down pictorial

1) Structure: single roller,adjustment up to down.

2) forms: manual adjustment

Vertical sealing device

Structure: assembled-steel bridge structure

2) Driver: main motor-driven linkage

3) Transmission: coaxial eccentric organizations-vertical movement

4) Number: Group 4 (for 3 lines)

5) Length: 800mm

� Bottom sealing device

Structure: wood-beam hot pressure structure

2) Driver: main motor-driven linkage

3) Transmission: coaxial eccentric organizations - vertical movement

4) Quantity: bottom sealing Group 3, cooling Group 1

5) Length:540mm

Films traction

1) Structure: pneumatic roller-floating structure Tension

2) Driver: Inertia Digital Servo System (Japan import, 2000T / M, Panasonic servo motor)

3) Transmission: M880-round belt drive pulley,ratio: 1:2:4

4) control forms: central control computer

5) detection approach: photoelectric sensor with integrated control Proximity Switch

Middle Tension

1) Structure: pneumatic floating Tension roll structure

2) form of control: central control computer

3) detection approach: no-touch point close switch

4) floating roll tension adjustment bound: 0 - 0.6 MPa pressure, the middle of the guiding motor compensation

bound: 1 - 10mm (computer settings, automatic compensation)

The main transmission device

1) Structure: crank rocker push-pull three-link structure

2) Driver: 2.2W inverter-driven, three-phase induction motor 2.2kw

3) Transmission: main drive motor with 1:10 reducer

4) control forms: Centralized control of computer

5) Exercise: main motor sports all vertical movement led frame

6) Eccentric distance: 13mm

Automatic positioning device

1) Means:

A computer-controlled automatic precision mode precision: ≤ 0.5mm

B, reflective photoelectric sensor tracking accuracy of detection precision ≤0.5mm

2) Photoelectric searching bound: 0 - 10mm (the computer can set the size bound ,automatically search)

3) the amendment to the scope of compensation: ± 1 - ± 5mm

4) positioning that way: photoelectric encoder and servo motor feedback control computer

Temperature Control Device

1) Detection methods: K-type thermocouple Detection

2) Control: centralized control through the computer, solid state relay driver FID adjustment

3) temperature range settings-300 degrees

4) Temperature measurement point: mid-block electric heating


1) Structure: up-cutter + adjustment device + fixup down-cutter

2) Form: Slide Block pneumatic roller bearing shear-top cut

3) Transmission: borrowing the eccentric shaft power

4) Adjustment: horizontal movement, pulling the handle adjustable cutting angles

Close edge machine

1) Structure: horizontal reciprocating screw rewinding structure

2) Driver: DC motor drives

3) Control: displacement sensor

Skip material feeding device

1) Structure: asynchronous insulated pan-pneumatic

2) form of control: central control computer

3) Driving: electronic drive solenoid switch (DC24V DC)

4) Action Means: 6 groups horizontal sealing asynchronous movement

5) times of the skip material feeding : from 2-6 times (it can be configured in the computer)

Automatic feeding device from conveyor belt

1) Structure: 0-level position

2) Driver: solid state relay driver, gear slowing single-phase motor

3) transmission; Bevel Gear

4) distance transmission and distribution volume: computer set free

5) Control of forms: central control computer

4,ancillary facilities (users themselves)

1, Power: three phase 380V 50Hz, air Switches 150A, Ground (R.S.Y.E)

2, Capacity: ≥ 55KW

3, gas source: 35 liters / min (0.6Mpa)

4, cooling water: 15 liters / min

5,Main device of the list


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